The Letter to Kothgurn Bloodbeard

Old Friend,

It has been some time since we bent tankards together and even longer since you were in the good graces of the throne. Still, I know the Overseers rankle you as much now as they did when you were a member of the Honor Guard, and that is why I asked you to take this mission on.

Before I go any further, I must remind you of the utmost secrecy of the matters at hand and make it clear that you cannot let any details fall into enemy hands. Destroy this letter after you have committed the details to memory!

First thing is first, you recall we spoke of the expedition from Bharakhdur? We must not allow this Kingdom to gain more purchase in the region and further endanger our autonomy. To that end, we have made a deal with individuals in Bharakhdur who likewise wish to see this endeavor fail. They will have more information about this expedition, and you will know She who leads them by the sign of The Poisoned upon her hand. Aye, she is not one to be trifled with!

You will be traveling with Ulvii of Clan Ring-beard. He knows nothing past his Trade-district roots—he knows not what troubles the kingdom, but by all accounts is a doughty companion and can help with a swift word, where steel or a threatening glare might not work so well. He has been paid, and his sister, Hildmar, will not be cloistered for marriage outside the kingdom when she comes of age, so he is well motivated. I wish I could send you with more aid, but times are dire.

Leave quietly by the passageway to the Old Yellow Bloom. Be careful of how much you let Ulvii see! I will leave word you are to be allowed entry into the Halls of Ironbrow. Blindfold Ulvii if necessary and tell him it is to preserve the secrecy of the route you wish to take out of the Hold. A partial truth will be more believable.

Now, after you have linked up with your new allies at the meeting point we discussed, waste no time in making contact with some of the Llefrynder villages we have worked with in the past. Threaten, cajole and bribe them to help you. Their Elders should know that we have a mutually beneficial relationship; hint that we might no longer tip them off to the occasional traveler and tradesmen to be waylaid on the Groom’s Road if they do not supply aid. More to the point, it may endanger our trade with them!

We must delay these four out of Bharakhdur! We must buy time for Prince Vodrukh to outfit his expedition and put to use the information that burnt arm cow brought us. If that information leads to what it promises, we will have a chance to throw off this Shadow that has plagued us all for far too long!

Good luck, Kothgurn Bloodbeard. I hope to see you soon and perhaps even have word for you of our Prince at the head of an army of liberation.

Now burn this letter!

Drodhmor Steelfaith

The Letter to Kothgurn Bloodbeard

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