An early foil and adversary of the expedition, the Gnome Prentelwiss is a slippery spellcaster thought to possibly be behind the supposedly spectral visitation of Uthvarn Bleeding-fist before certain members of the Party at the Silver lass Inn, as well as many as 3 or more ambushes by hellhounds, mercenary Dwarves and a coalition of Llefrynder Humans and Dwarves out of Ironbrow Hall and Bharakhdur.

According to both Druga Diamond-smile and a note from an unknown party signing as “an Heir to History”, the Gnome was hired to foil the party, possibly by Breyda’s Grandfather.

Druga describes Prentelwiss as an odd creature, who:

“talked a lot, but said little. He appeared to her to be a towheaded blond, Gnome and was often dressed in the loudest of jackets and pantaloons; the most ostentatious of clothes and gaudiest of jewelry, and always wearing his crimson cape. He didn’t always stay with us, but when our group was split, which happened on occasion when our groups were searching for you in different areas, Breyda said he kept up the communication between the two groups. I’m not sure if it was his familiar, a Bat the Gnome called Drilibist, or some other magical means.”


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