Note from "an Heir to History"

A mysterious note penned by an unknown hand, received from a young Dwarf on the streets of Fellmar just prior to when the party left on their expedition North. It reads:

To my Intrepid Brothers,

I had thought our interests were at odds, but now it seems that might not be the case. The gnome was a hired sword, just as that idiot Gurn. Twas not I who did the hiring, rather that was other interested parties with the basest and most venal of motives.

Watch thine own backs, even in the wilderness, though it may be safer than our warm receptive bit of civilization here. Agents of coin counters dog your steps, so do be careful.

Let it be said, Brothers, that I have warned you of these other interested parties and know that I hope we can work together in discovering so much that has been lost for so long.

I Remain,

An Heir to History

Note from "an Heir to History"

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