Hiruk Troll-twain


An old Dwarf from Jotungaard living in Uxwic and acting as a trader and shipping contact for Dwarven goods and traders who dock at the busy port of Uxwic.

He maintains a goodly sized Townhouse in the “Coins” merchant district and has had friendly dealing with the Expedition.

His household includes his Niece, Igna Emberheart; the hirelings Thigrys Warbraids & Grunnir Seven-hells, as well as the Halfling servant girl, Thanya.

Physically, he is an older, but still vibrant Dwarf wearing the attire of a well to do merchant, who wears his voluminous graying plated beard in several braids, his face bearing several of the abstract tattoos in the old style of the Raver Dwarves of the North. A sword & dagger usually hang from his belt.

Hiruk Troll-twain

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