Destiny's Forge: A Dwarven Kingmaker Campaign

Session 2 Player Notes: Into the Wilderness

Dwarven Kingmaker: Session 2 Player Notes

The group cleared up some provisioning and research matters in Fellgate.
Purchased wagon, chattels, trade goods and supplies
Learned of the location of several Fallen, lost or rumored Dwarven sites on the Darkling Coast.
Anvar worked on a map based on Marak & Sudmir’s research, as well as knowledge provided by the Silverbeards.
Learned that someone, probably the Gnome they believe to have caused them trouble and burned down both the inn at Silver Cairn and the Silverbeards trading house in Fellgate, had briefly tried to research the same old Dwarven Hero who seemed to appear before Marak and Sudmir at least a week and a half ago.
Vhod Returned from Teinmar and made himself available to answer questions, only Sudmir spoke with him.
The Group Learned of Gnomes at Shieldwatch Temple, by the North Gate.

A Mysterious Note was given to Cedric by a messenger boy.

The group departed the North Gate – into the wilderness on the old, but well maintained, Dwarven built “Groom’s Road”.

Travel was smooth, despite a minor run-in with a snake, who sought warmth in a shared evening with Anvar.

The Group headed towards Spearpoint Lake, to fulfill the request of Kaerdan Bright-gilt of Clan Copperwright to discover and possibly recover the remains of Kaerdan’s ancestor, Feinar Golden-eye. They followed the road, looking for an Eastward trail, which they quickly found and followed…

Arriving at the former fortified town of High Tor, now known as Bleddynbedd, the group was turned away at the gates, having their lives spared at the suggestion of a human Sorcerer from Ythgonia, by the name of Uchdryd.

So the Dwarves pitched a tent and opened up shop. Nonplussed by the possible danger, the Dwarves stuck fast to their desire to glean information and make friends with the humans by posing as merchant-traders and peddling their Dwarven stout.

A Deal was struck, when Uchdryd the Sorcerer was the only human to come down from the town and sample their stout. After some feeling out, it was proposed that the remains sought after by the group were probably in the nearby Barrowlands and the Sorcerer could distract the town while the Dwarves sneak into in and retrieve a black gem for him from a certain tomb, while also looking to recover Feinar’s remains.

The group snuck into these barrowlands the following night, encountering and dealing with various undead creatures as they fought their way through in an attempt to search out both of the tombs they were seeking, eventually meeting with success and uncovering remains that seemed to match Feinar’s, as well as the strange black gem sought by the human sorcerer. Also, a small golden ring set with a red carnelian with a snake etched upon its face was found on the remains of an undead that was destroyed within the tomb of the black gem.

The group traveled from Llefryn into Gwynystrad, encountering bandits, which they slew and making their way to Culugbyrn, where they were informed by the local Lord, High Chief Bevynn, that his liege, the Checkered Horseman, Lord Cadman of Carer Ydrys, was currently seeking the aid of Dwarves in a problem plaguing his castle. After some dickering at the local pub, the human proprietor purchased some Dwarven stout and the group retired to their rooms till the next day.


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