It has been a cruel and turbulent age for Dwarves. As the race has dwindled across these lands, their holds and kingdoms falling to age old enemies of the race, their fortunes have likewise waned, their glories tarnished. Now is a time for hope and renewal set against the grim backdrop of a race with its back against the wall. The Dwarven pantheon is in tatters and so too is the race, bought one last chance by a goddess who sacrificed herself so that the Dwarven race may renew itself once again—if it is up to the task.

The flowing resources may be of use to anyone interested in joining the campaign:

The Campaign Player’s Guide: A google doc outlining the basics of character creation and some summary on the themes and background for the campaign.

A Primer on the Darkling Coast & Fierce North: Has some decent starting details, most of which is also in the wiki, but nicely condensed in this google doc.

The Campaign Wiki, which contains a lot of details about the campaign world, but is better suited to browsing, as opposed to getting quick, insightful overview information (see above resources for that).

Destiny's Forge: A Dwarven Kingmaker Campaign

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